Weekly Grinds: Live In Killester

George Humphrey

3rd Year Higher Level

Wednesdays, 17:00 — 18:15

Each Class Is Worth Two Classes in School
Each class is an hour and fifteen minutes, so it works out as the same as two regular school classes of extra learning.
Live in the Resource Centre Killester
Each class is live and interactive, in St. Brigid's Resource Centre (or map link). Students can ask questions and correct my errors!
Both Semesters for €960
This covers classes for all weeks and all included material. Half price for siblings in the same academic year.
A Focus on Understanding
In my class I focus on understanding mathematics, avoiding short cuts, and enabling students to teach themselves. In other words, becoming independent learners.

Timetable 2023/24

Wednesday September 6th is the first day of classes. The remainder of the timeline hasn’t yet been fully finalised, please check back soon for final details. We expect the course to run from September till June, with weeks off for midterms, Christmas and Easter.

Weeks off:

  • Midterm: Week of October 31th, 2022
  • Christmas: Weeks of December 19th and 26th, 2022 and January 2rd, 2023
  • Midterm: Week of February 13th, 2023
  • Easter: Weeks of April 3rd and 10th 2023

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Further Details

If the information you need isn't here, please contact us. Our information is on the contact page.

Do you only do Higher Level?
Yes — I don't have ordinary level classes
When do students receive class handouts?
At the beginning of the class on Wednesday.
What about revision closer to the exam?
We have the Maths Blitz for 3rd years on the Sunday (during the day) and on the Thursday evening before the exam paper on the Friday.
What are the details of the sibling pricing?

The first student is full price, and any siblings are half price. By same academic year, we mean both are taking courses this academic year. So if Ciara and John are siblings, Ciara is registering for sixth year grinds this year, and John is registering for third year grinds this year, John's registration will be half price.

How do I pay?
The best way is to pay online when you register. Alternatively, see the pay page for more details. When paying outside of registration, please include the student's name and email address as reference